The Georgetown Collection - Recording

Experience these beloved, classic Christmas and Easter hymns like you've never heard them before, in dazzling new arrangements for 2 trumpets, organ and choir. 7 Christmas and 7 Easter hymns arranged by Richard Webster for 2 trumpets, organ, choir and congregation. Commissioned by Christ Church, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., this exciting and practical new collection of hymn settings will dazzlingly enliven Christmas and Easter worship in your church.  Recorded with the all-professional Christ Church, Georgetown Choir; 2 trumpeters from the U.S. Navy Band; and Thomas Smith, organ; conducted by Richard Webster. 

At Christmas and Easter people flock to churches to hear the promise of the Incarnation and the hope of the Resurrection. They want to sing. The Georgetown Collection presents transcendent new arrangements of beloved, classic Christmas and Easter hymns, featuring the brilliant exuberance of two trumpets, the tender intimacy of a pair of flugelhorns, the majestic grandeur of the organ, the energetic leadership of a choir and the soaring flight of descants -- all to inspire robust congregational singing. Let these hymns lift you to behold the face of the baby Jesus or the wounded hands of the risen Christ.

  • Adeste Fideles
  • Antioch
  • Es ist ein Ros
  • Gloria
  • Mendelssohn
  • Regent Square
  • Stille Nacht
  • Easter Hymn
  • Ellacombe 
  • Fortunatus
  • Lux Eoi
  • St. Kevin
  • Unser Herrscher
  • Victory

All the music on this recording is also published in two volumes - The Georgetown Collection - Christmas and Easter or both volumes at a discounted price. Your order of the published volume(s) will include this a complimentary copy of this recording. You can also download the album from iTunes.